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available now!

Our new single, 'Sirens' is now live on your streaming platform of choice! Here's it is on Spotify:

In the mean time, you can find it on YouTube complete with a video we recorded in lockdown. See it here:


stampede is here!

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And it's free

You read that right - Stampede is here and we are literally giving it away. Go to the music page to download the HQ MP3's on us.

"But guys, sounds a bit silly - what's the catch?"


There isn't one! I mean, if you MUST pay something for it then feel free to donate whatever you feel like donating to our paypal ( but there is absolutely no requirement to.

Enjoy the album. We hope you get as much out of it as we got when we made it.

Stream it:



Order now and get a FREE sticker and badge!

Better hurry though, we only have a few and it's first come first served!

Fill out the form on the SHOP page or email to place your order.

£10 + P&P!!

© 2019 Murica. Murica are an independent Rock Band from the midlands UK, funnily enough.

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