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Waa Waa Waa...

Real talk here.


Over the years we’ve done way better than we ever could have expected when we first started out. I specifically remember looking at the Spotify numbers flicking between 18 and 25 monthly listeners and being amazed that there were people out there – that we didn’t know – deliberately listening to our music and I said out loud, “If we could just get one fan out there and make a difference to them with our music, then mission accomplished - I’d be happy with that”.


Today, we’re on a steady ~20 – 25 ‘thousand’ monthly listeners from all around the world – like, W T A F. These are incredible numbers for 2 thirty-something blokes with families and full time jobs in a garage somewhere in Rutland knocking tunes out for a couple of hours once a week when we can find the time (and the permission) to do it. We’re so god damn grateful to have gotten this far. Some of ‘our’ favourite bands have similar listener numbers to us which is just mind-blowing


We were however surprised about how much money (or lack thereof) is involved for artists who get to these numbers. People normally don’t like talking about what money they make but fuck it. I can tell you that we make between £50 and £100 a month from these otherwise seemingly impressive stats and our current PayPal balance is sitting at about £300. All that sounds ok – which it is – when you consider the music is out there now and we don’t really have to do anything else with it.

Since our first payout in 2017 we’ve bought:


  • 2 (cheap, old and used) guitars (1 was £50 1 was £80)

  • A Behringer UMC404 recording interface

  • A Sure SM57 Microphone

  • A software licence for FL Studio

  • 100 CD’s for the TAMFAF album (still got over 60 left) – lost money on this

  • 25 Tshirts (still got 15 left) - lost money on this

  • Subscription to LANDR for uploading to streaming platforms and licences for the Maniac cover

  • Licence to video editing software

  • Monthly Subscription to WIX so we can have the .co.uk domain

  • Several Payments to commisioned guitarists who played solo's betond our capabilities

  • Probably a bunch more that I can't think of right now


That lot plus the £300 that’s left in the PayPal is what we’ve achieved in 4 years. And if we’re going to carry on we’re going to need to spend some more:


  • One of our monitor speakers is making a worrying buzzing noise – would be ~£150 for the replacement part but ideally we’d like to actually upgrade to better more accurate speakers

  • The laptop we are using can’t keep up any more with the number of virtual instruments, effects and so on that we use which really limits our progress and makes things take ages (one of the reasons we’re always late to release!). New computer needed – No less than ~£1000 for something better than the one we already have

  • Our strings and cables are all getting old and worn, making for rubbish sounding recordings etc - probablly ~£80+ to replace the lot with something that won’t break again in another month

  • We’d like to make repairs to the garage we record in – when it rains it rains inside and in the winter it freezes/destroys anything left in there. Gonna be about a grand to sort.

  • We'd love to pay someone to Master for us - probably £30 per track


I could go on, but with that lot, the way things currently are we’ll be waiting another 4/5 years to accomplish it, assuming the level of listeners doesn’t go down. We're both too skint to pay out of our own pockets (not to mention the trouble we'd get in with the other halves!) and 'loans' etc aren't really an option for us.

"Why not play some gigs for crying out loud?"

As touched on earlier, time is very much at a premium. Twin that with the reasons outlined in our bio and gigging basically becomes impossible.


So we need to work out a new way of bringing some money into the band. The truth is nobody wants to pay for music any more, so relying on income from music sales/streams alone is just not sustainable.  You may have noticed for the Stampede album we gave up altogether and just gave it away – seemed pointless charging for it when nobodie's gonna buy it anyway and we’d much rather get more people listening and allow them to donate if they want. This actually worked quite well, with some people donating way more than we would have charged for it – you know who you are, and thank you.


That’s why we’re turning to Patreon. If you can afford to, we’d absolutely love for you to consider signing up for one or more of our tiers – it would really help us out.


Thanks for taking the time to read and consider this, it means a lot that you’re here :)


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